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Är du ny användare av SolidEdge kan det vara intressant för dig att känna till hur programmet kan hjälpa dig framåt. I detta dokument går vi bl.a. igenom inställningar och funktioner i SolidEdge för hur mycket programmet ska assistera dig i ditt arbete. Det kan vara att förstå vad en funktion gör, vart du hittar den eller tips på vad nästa steg i arbetsprocessen är.

A set of tabs is available along the perimeter of the application window. By default, these are collapsed in Auto-Hide mode. se_tip01

  • The Learn Solid Edge pane (1), the YouTube video pane (2), the Facebook pane, and the Solid Edge Community pane are opened as individual tabs when you pause your cursor over them.


  • If you turn off Auto-Hide se_tip03so that a window is pinned in the open position, then the tabs are displayed together in a tab set owned by the user assistance docking window.


  • If the Help Index command is activated, you can use it to quickly reopen the Learn Solid Edge user assistance tab.
  • You can selectively reopen a closed tab using the list button on any open docking window:


  • Like other docking windows, you can rearrange the tabs, tear them off, and reassemble them. To learn how to do these things, see the help topic Manipulate docking windows.



Tooltips help you identify a user interface element, including command icons, option buttons, and other gadgets. When you point the cursor at a user interface element, a label displays the name of the command and a brief description of what it is.

You can turn tooltips off and on using the following options on the Helpers tab of the Solid Edge Options dialog box.

  • Show basic tooltips–Displays a brief description for commands, buttons, and gadgets in the user interface. Where applicable, shortcut keys are also listed.



  • Show enhanced tooltips–Displays additional information for some commands. This includes text and an image.
  • Show video clips–Displays the same text as above, but replaces the image with a video clip.


To play tooltip videos, you must have the Adobe Flash Player version 10 or later installed as a plug-in to your browser. You can download the Flash Player (free) at http://

Command tips

Command tips provide contextual assistance as you work with Solid Edge. You can enable them by setting the Show command tips option on the Helpers tab of the Solid Edge Options dialog box.



  • A description of how to use this reference plane displays in this command tip (1).


Command Finder

To find commands quickly, use the Command Finder located on the status bar. You can search for the command by command name or by capability.


More ways to find help in Solid Edge

There are other ways to locate information in Help.

  • Get contextual help during a design session by pressing F1 when a command is active.

For more information, see Get context-sensitive help.

  • Your can search on phrases or keywords to find specific content in local help and in web help. For more information, see:
    • Searching web help
    • Searching local help
  • There are different types of information available:
    • Explore the What’s New information available in Help.
    • For topics on customizing Solid Edge, use the Programming with Solid Edge
    • You can use the About Solid Edge link on the Learn Solid Edge docking window to see the software version and license information.



Stöckli Swiss Sports designs

Stöckli Swiss Sports designs

“With Solid Edge, we draw all the important parts of the ski – side geometry, height profile of the core, toe protection, and many other components that are important for overall ski production, including the cassette and insole wedges," said Stephan Renggli, equipment engineer.

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